Heuristic Solutions developed LearningBuilder to revolutionize the marketplace. We saw a need for easy to use, fast to implement, and adaptable credentialing management software. Today LearningBuilder is leading the way in implementing industry best practices, from online applications to personalized recertification plans. LearningBuilder supports over 50 credentials and 400,000 users nationwide. And those numbers are growing every day as more and more organizations turn to LearningBuilder to help make their professionals and their institutions the best they can be.

Our expertise and approach gives you an advantage.

The Heuristics development team is an agile shop where code is craft. Our philosophy is simple. We develop software that is guided by our operating principles – understanding, productivity, predictability, and quality. Our solutions have spanned very large sensitive data sets, interactive learning experiences, GIS data, and mobile delivery,

That expertise and approach means that in addition to being highly flexible, secure and easy to use, LearningBuilder gives you a fast, affordable way to upgrade, evolve and adapt your program. Whether you’re adding a new credential or addressing a change in rules, the LearningBuilder platform let us make most changes without using a programmer. And if we do create custom innovations for you, we fold those features into the core project.

Constant customer innovations let you benefit from the good ideas of your peers.

Ongoing LearningBuilder innovations come primarily from customers like you. And we incorporate those improvements to new versions of the program that we release several times a year. So the longer you stay with LearningBuilder the better your program gets.

We’re here for you – and your end users – whenever you need us.

We offer LearningBuilder primary through the Software as a Service model where we take care of all of the infrastructure for you so we can scale for your peak load times around cycle dates. If you need us to support your end users, we offer Tier I support with a 1-800 line.

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