Heuristic Solutions Chosen as NCCA Software Vendor

August 29, 2012 – ICE has chosen Heuristic Solutions as its partner for the development of the NCCA online application software. This new system automates the process of NCCA application and renewal allowing applicants to upload documents in a systematic (paperless) approach.

“After careful evaluation of many promising products, ICE chose Heuristic Solutions for their well-rounded solution to the challenge. The cost and approach fit our budget and timeline beautifully,” said ICE Executive Director Denise Roosendaal. “The end product will provide an intuitive and comprehensive user experience for the applicant and for the Commission reviewers.”

The system is currently in development and is expected to be fully integrated for the January 2013 NCCA application deadline. Attendees of the ICE Annual Conference will see a sneak preview in November!

”Our goal in moving the NCCA application online is to streamline the process, provide better guidance to applicants, improve communications and status updates, and make the process more automated and efficient. Working with Heuristic Solutions, which has a highly configurable and customizable product in Learning Builder, has allowed us to re-think every aspect of the process and how to improve it,” said Anjali Weber, Director of Accreditation Services.

“We are delighted to support the certification industry in meeting the rigors of the NCCA accreditation requirements. Our aim is to enable the applicants to target their submission to the specific NCCA standards and allow the commissioners to focus their review on the substantive aspects of each program,” said Heuristic Solutions’ Principal, Ali Neal.

About Heuristic Solutions

Since 1996, Heuristic Solutions has served as the behind the scenes technology partner for associations. Recognizing the gap in the software market for comprehensive credentialing management solutions, Heuristic Solutions relaunched its flagship software, LearningBuilder in 2009 to address the unique needs of accreditation, certification, and licensing organizations.