LearningBuilder does more than renew credentials, it assures continuing competency.

Why settle for a credentialing management system that simply collects dues and rubber stamps renewals, when you can have one that actually increases your certificants’ knowledge base and makes them better at what they do? LearningBuilder lets you ratchet up your organization’s ability to manage the maintenance of certification (MOC) with innovative tools that encourage professional growth and enhance competency.

Your certificants get the guidance and encouragement they want.

With LearningBuillder, your certificants won’t have to go the
process alone. We’ll help guide them through with a personalized professional development roadmap. Specially designed tools will give them insight into their own knowledge and practice, including:

  • Personalized Online Checklists
  • Diagnostic and Self Assessments
  • Knowledge Exams
  • Continuing Education Tracking
  • Practitioner Progress Tracking
  • Automated Reminders for Key Program Due Dates

The end result will be that they know where they’re strong. Where they’re weak. And exactly what they need to do to improve and when they need to do it.

You get the program management capabilities you need.

LearningBuilder gives you a way to accept and evaluate wide range of learning activities including non traditional ones like mentoring, and multisource feedback. We also let you align continuing education to the job task analysis, which makes sure the coursework is relevant and contributes to continued competence. Additional features include:

  • Online candidate applications and renewals
  • Secure online documentation storage, e-commerce and automated email communications
  • Administrator dashboards, reporting and analytics
  • A way to audit requirements and process
  • Configurable reviewer approval workflow
  • Integration with association management systems, learning management systems and content providers, and test administrators
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But wait, there’s more. A lot more.

Contact us today to find out more about how LearningBuilder can help you create a more rigorous recertification program. Build the value of your credential. And help your organization and your certificants be the best you can be with a flexible, easily-updatable credentialing management system that you can have up and running in less than 90 days.


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